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Ecology of intermittent Salmonella infections in a dairy milk shed


<OL> <LI> Identify herds with intermittent salmonella infection and determine the spatial and temporal attributes of these salmonella by serotype and molecular types in a dairy milk shed; <LI>Compare on-farm attributes of herds with and without intermittent Salmonella infections; <LI>Determine intervention strategies to reduce the spread of Salmonella within a dairy milk shed.

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The research is a field-based epidemiologic study integrating traditional and molecular microbiologic methods to analyze the spatial and temporal distribution of salmonella identified on dairies. The research approach is unique in that it integrates laboratory-based methods of bacterial identification with population-based analytic approaches.<p>
The movement of salmonella within a dairy milk shed is governed by management, biologic, and human factors. This project examines the determinants of salmonella spatial movement within a dairy shed with the intent of developing interventions to reduce the bacteriums movement. </p>

Sischo, William
University of California - Davis
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