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The Effects of Storage Time, Preparation and Cooking Method on Residual Pesticide Levels in Apples and Potatoes Treated with a Suite of Commonly Used Permitted Pesticides


In its report on Risk Assessment of Mixtures of Pesticides and Similar Substances, the Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) recommended that the effect of food processing and preparation on the bioavailability and chemical nature of pesticide residues should be further investigated.

<p>The objective of this project is to determine the effects of normal food preparation and cooking procedures on the persistence of a range of the most commonly found fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators in UK apples and potatoes.

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A statistically valid experimental protocol will utilize apple and potato varieties grown, harvested, treated and stored in Northern Ireland, and pesticide residues will subsequently be analysed using validated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

<p>A suite of pesticides will be applied to each crop, according to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), to ensure Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) are met prior to assessing the effects of (a) storage time (0 - 6 months), (b) preparation (control + 4 washing methods; peeled vs unpeeled), and (c) cooking procedures (various; control peeled v unpeeled, dependant on the crop, variety and normal mode of use) on residual pesticide levels and their distribution.

<p>This protocol should provide appropriate and statistically valid information relevant to consumer risk assessment.

<p>Find more about this project and other FSA food safety-related projects at the <a href="; target="_blank">Food Standards Agency Research webpage</a>.

Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI)
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