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Efficacy of an HPV Blend in an Attract and Kill Pellet Dispersal System for Navel Orangeworm


<p>To determine the attractancy efficacy of a synthetic host plant volatile (HPV) blend in an attract and kill pellet dispersal system for navel orangeworm</p>
<p>To determine the emission rate and ratio of the active components from the pellet and pesticide formulation</p>

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To accomplish the stated objectives the following approach will be utilized by researchers at the Wilbur Ellic Company (WEC), Paramount Farming Company (PFC), and the USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Beck Laboratory (ARS): - WEC and personnel will formulate the synthetic HPV blend into a pellet matrix of tree nut biomass and provide PFC and ARS with samples for field and laboratory analysis, respectively - PFC will personnel place the pellets into tree nut orchards and monitor attract and kill efficacy - ARS will determine the headspace volatile composition of the following matrices: pellet; pellet + pesticide; pellet + HPV blend; pellet + pesticide + HPV blend

Beck, John J.
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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