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Enhancing Health Promoting Properties and Shelf-life of Small Ruminant Meat and Dairy Products by Incorporating Functional Ingredients and Packaging Technologies


The major goal of this project is to enhance health promoting properties and shelf-life of small ruminant meat and dairy products by incorporating functional ingredients and packaging technologies, respectively. The objectives of this project are 1) to enhance the nutritive value of small ruminant meat and milk by feeding dietary supplements containing health promoting compounds to small ruminants; 2) to modify small ruminant meat and dairy products by adding ingredients considered beneficial for health or eliminating/reducing harmful components during processing; and 3) to evaluate the efficacy of different packaging systems to extend shelf-life or improve safety/sensory properties of the resulting meat and dairy products. Successful incorporating functional ingredients and packaging technologies in this project may provide consumers alternative meat and dairy products using small ruminants that are healthier, safe, and superior in palatability.

Lee, Jung
Fort Valley State University
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