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Environmental Health Policy Committee At The Annual Astho Policy Summit


Environmental Health Policy Committee MeetingThe Environmental Health Policy Committee (EHPC) Meeting, which takes place at the annualASTHO Policy Summit, serves as an excellent opportunity to discuss policy strategies forcapacity building and to tackle priority environmental health issues within regions and across thenation. The EHPC serves as a unifying voice; it provides long- term strategic vision, developspolicy, and offers the policy analyses needed to guide and direct the efforts of ASTHO's foodsafety program. The combined expertise of ASTHO members, the State and Territorial HealthOfficials (STHOs), Senior Deputies, Affiliates, and alumni places ASTHO in a unique position toformulate and influence sound public health policy that assures excellence in state-based, publichealth and food safety practices.

Vanderslice, Robert
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
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