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Epidemiological Study of Salmonella Infections in Farm Animals


This project covered two separate epidemiological studies relating to the occurrence of Salmonella in farm animals in Northern Ireland.<P>

The objectives of the first study were to establish the prevalence and risk factors for the occurrence of Salmonella in commercial egg layers. The second study investigated the occurrence of Salmonella in slaughter pigs in Northern Ireland.

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Progress: <BR>
(a) Salmonella in Egg Layers. This study was carried out in 2000 / 2001 and followed on from significant increases in the number of laboratory reports of S. Enteritidis in humans in NI during 1998 and 1999. In total 118 sites were sampled within the survey with Salmonella spp. isolated from 30 sites (25.4%) and S. Enteritidis from 14 (11.9%).
(b) Salmonella in slaughter pigs: this study was carried out in 2002 and involved a randomised survey of 513 pigs across the 4 pig abattoirs in NI. Laboratory work associated with the study has been completed and publications are in preparation.

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