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EU-BALKAN-FABNET - EU-Western Balkans Network for Training and the Promotion of Cooperation in Research Activities within the Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology Area of FP7


The overall project objective is to stimulate international cooperation, improving qualitatively and quantitatively the participation of research and other actors from the 5 Western Balkans Countries-WBC in the 'Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology' theme of the FP7.
To achieve the overall objective, a multi-skilled consortium has been established, covering all WBC and led by an expert partner in EU research policies and FP6/7 support activities, in order to pursue work in 4 major areas:
<UL> <LI> Mapping of the existing capacities and the research funding environment in the WBC
<LI> Training and support to WBC NCPs via tailored courses and staff exchanges
<LI> Common activities with the WBC NCPs for capacity building, awareness raising and training of researchers in the WBC countries
<LI> Networking and promotion activities to raise the profile of WBC researchers in EU Member States and stimulate participation from the WBC

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This objective is relevant to the 'Food Quality and Safety' Priority and responds to the following major needs of policy coordination in this sector:
- Despite difficulties and rapid political change in the region, skilled individuals and high potential organisations do exist in the WBC. However, their participation in EU-FPs is very low. It is in the interests of the EU agenda for the development of the region and in favour of the ERA strengthening that this participation is increased;
<UL> <LI> There is lack of knowledge among research actors and multipliers from WBC on the 'Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology' area; the National Contact Point (NCP) structure in the WBC is either non-existent or very recent and, thus, inexperienced;
<LI> There is a clear need for capacity building for the WBC NCPs regarding the EU-FPs procedures and practices;
<LI> There is a need to raise awareness in both in the WBC and Europe for the potential of skilled partners from WBC in getting involved in FP projects of the 'Food , Agriculture and Biotechnology' FP7 theme.
</ul>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a href="; target="_blank">EU-BALKAN-FABNET</a> Web sites.

Petrohilou, Ioanna
Food Industrial Research and Technological Development Company S.A.
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