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EUFOOD4LIFE - European Technology Platform for the Agro-Food Sector: Food for Life


The ETP Food for Life, reflecting innovation in the agro-food chain, was launched in July 2005 and a Vision Paper published. A Board and Operational Committee have been appointed and a Stakeholder Strategic Research Agenda (SSRA) developed by expert panels, made available for Expert Consultation (February 2006). Following revision the SSRA was submitted to the EC in April 2006.
To ensure the maximum commitment from stakeholders across Europe the SSRA will be subject to national-, regional- and web consultations across 2006, the feedback informing the final SRA text. Funding is sought to finalise and disseminate the SRA and associated stakeholder-targeted "layman SRAs", to develop the Implementation Plan, and to investigate possibilities for structuring innovation across the food chain. Links will be established with regional/national bodies and the EU having information relevant to the ETP "Food 4 Life" operation and an open and accessible database for these data developed.
A Mirror Group, set up mid-2006 will ensure expert input from regional and national (via ERA-NETs) bodies, funding agencies and private capital. The agro-food sector lacks effective and robust scenario studies against which to plan for the future; this SSA will identify and prioritise key issues for such studies. For optimal impact and delivery, the SRA must be flexible and responsive and operate efficiently across all areas; this is addressed through the management and administrative structures proposed.

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<P> For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a href="…; target="_blank">EUFOOD4LIFE </a> Web sites.

Israelachwili, Daniela
Confederation of Food and Drink Industries of the EU
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