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Evaluate and Optimize Dietary Phytase Enzymes Utilization in Poultry Nutrition


Phosphorus (P) is a mineral nutrient required for bone growth and many important energetic metabolic processes in animal, plant, and microbial systems. But P, when discharged into surface water can cause significant water pollution. Runoff from the production and feeding facilities, buildings, feed yards, waste storage areas, lagoons, etc. and runoff from land applied manure degrade water quality and diminish its intended value. The addition of phytase enzymes to animal diets has the potential to improve the phytic acid-P utilization by the animal. Phytases enzymes (myo-inositol hexaphosphate phosphohydrolase) catalyze the hydrolysis of feed grain and fiber phytic acid to myo-inositol and phosphate and thereby allow reduction in mineral P supplementation and excretion. <P>
The objectives of the collaborative research project between the Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (FASVM) of Nong Lam University and USDA, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) are to evaluate and optimize dietary phytases enzymes utilization in animal nutrition under the joint support of the Scientific Cooperation Research Program of USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service and ARS. <P>Specific project objectives will be to: <OL> <LI> Establish a long-term international collaborative research and exchange to address concerns in animal production systems and environmental stewardship between ARS, and the Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (FASVM) of Nong Lam University. <LI> Optimize activity of phytase enzymes produced from fungal strains of high-phytase activity and evaluation of phytase-amended feed for selected Vietnamese poultry strains,<LI> Characterize feed and excreta P and controlling mechanisms of P solubilization across enzyme sources and feeding regimes to develop sustainable poultry waste management strategies.

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APPROACH: The research approaches will include fermentation studies to identify potential fungal strains of high hydrolytic efficiency. Purification of selected enzyme preparation will be made to isolate high-activity phytic acid-degraders and from commercial Aspergillus preparations. In controlled experiments, enzyme kinetic parameters will be determined and comparisons of hydrolytic efficiency of the isolates will be validated using selected feed and archived animal manure collections. The efficacy of phytase enzymes will be evaluated in diets of selected Vietnamese poultry strains by the FASVM-Nong Lam University cooperating scientist in Ho Chi Minh City. Knowledge on accurate P requirements of poultry and P recovery will be developed to enhance animal nutrition, manure nutrient management, and reduce the impact of poultry production systems on the environment.

Dao, Thanh
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
Nong Lam University
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