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Evaluating the Efficacy of Plasma-activated Water in Egg Washing


The overall objectives of the project are to:Assess the efficacy of plasma-activated water (PAW) for inactivation of a panel of pathogenic Salmonella enterica strains representing different serovars of high relevance for egg-associated salmonellosis during egg washing, and compare the efficacy of PAW with that of conventional methods (chlorine and quaternary ammonium sanitizers)Determine the suitability of a non-pathogenic construct of Salmonella Typhimurium available through ATCC as a surrogate and a non-Salmonella surrogate Enterobacter aerogenes, for PAW-mediated inactivation of S. enterica during egg washing.Gain insights into the effects of PAW treatment on the cuticle layer on shell eggs, on the structural integrity of washed shell eggs by using mechanical and optical techniques, and on shelf-life, and compare with conventional methods (chlorine and quaternary ammonium sanitizers)

Salvi, Deepti
North Carolina State University
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