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Evaluating risks of violative drug residues in poultry from extra-label drug combinations administered in feed


Our first objective will focus on establishing and validating turkey and broiler chicken primary hepatocyte culture systems that can be used in the current proposal, and future proposals, to evaluate factors (drug combinations, disease, production practices and nutrition, genetics, environmental conditions) affecting the metabolic fate of drugs/other chemicals. We will also validate HPLC assays for drugs that will be employed in the second objective.

We have mined the CgFARAD database for common extra-label combinations of drugs prescribed in feed for turkey and broiler chickens. In our second objective, we will conduct in vitro drug depletion experiments using primary whole cell hepatocyte monolayer cultures isolated from control (antiinfective free) birds, with drug combinations of interest. The primary aim of objective 2 will be to evaluate possible metabolism drug interactions that could result in enhanced drug levels and risks of violative residues in poultry.

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