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Evaluation of Molecular, Morphological, and Functional Endpoints in NCTR Sprague-Dawley Rats Treated with Bisphenol A (BPA) Administered by Gavage to Sprague-Dawley Rats from Gestational Day 6 until Birth and Directly to Pups from Postnatal Day (PND)-1; C


<li>Evaluate a range of molecular, morphological, and functional endpoints in rats dosed orally with a wide range of BPA doses in a chronic toxicology study.</li>
<li>Determine if any effects observed are predictive of long-term toxic effects evaluated in the companion chronic toxicology study or reveal potential effects undetected by standard toxicological evaluations.</li></ol></p>

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Responsible Division: Biochemical Toxicology

Delclos, Kenneth
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
DHHS- National Toxicology Program
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