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Exploiting Campylobacter Jejuni Genomics (University of Birmingham)


C. jejuni is a major pathogen and acknowledged clinical and economic problem. As such a genome-wide study of gene function is justified. We propose the systematic deletion and tagging of all 1654 genes from C. jejuni and, in collaboration with the wider Campylobacter community and industrial partners, will determine their biological function using in vitro and in vivo assays. A bioinformatics and selective structural analysis will underpin these studies. <P>
Targets important in the food chain and host associated environments will be identified and exploited by end users to design complementary, practical measures to reduce the burden of Campylobacter-mediated disease. (Joint with grants 16166, 16168, 16169, 16171, 16172, 16173, 16174).

University of Birmingham
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