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Exposure to Mixtures of Environmental Chemicals and Effects on Reproductive and Child Health


This project aims to broadly address the following research questions under its two themes of exposure and health. Findings from my research will be used to inform risk assessments for the protection of public environmental health.Exposure.What environmental chemicals or mixtures (i.e., flame retardants, perfluoroalkyl substances, heavy metals) are people exposed to in food, water, and the indoor environment as well as consumer and personal care products?What are the primary sources of exposure (i.e., diet, indoor air, dust, personal care product use)?What factors contribute to higher exposure to these mixtures?Are there effective interventions for reducing these exposures?These research questions will be specifically framed to address knowledge areas KA 711, Ensure Food Products Free of Harmful Chemicals, Including Residues from Agricultural and Other Sources, and KA 804, Human Environmental Issues Concerning Apparel, Textiles, and Residential and Commercial Structures.Health.Is exposure to an environmental chemical or mixture (i.e., flame retardants, perfluoroalkyl substances, heavy metals) associated with measures of impaired reproductive or child health (i.e., fertility, fetal growth, child immune function)?What mechanism(s) mediates the relationship between an exposure and health outcome?What factors (e.g., nutrition) modify the relationship between an exposure and health outcome?How do exposure levels in a sensitive or highly exposed population compare to measures of potential harm (i.e., reference dose)?These research questions will specifically be formulated to address knowledge area KA 723, Hazards to Human Health and Safety.The above list of research questions should be viewed as representative of the general research agenda and all questions cannot be addressed within the project period of 5 years. However, depending on availability of funds, data sources, collaborator and graduate student time and interest, a subset of these will be selected and addressed. Priority areas in the short term are to characterize maternal and infant exposure to mixtures of potentially harmful chemicals as well as to quantify effects on health.

Carignan, Courtney
Michigan State University
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