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Expression and Release of Toxin and Converting Phage in Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli (STEC)


Shiga toxins (Stx) enable STECs to cause diarrhoea and kidney damage. Results in this and other labs show that Stx can be expressed as late products of converting phage and that both are induced via the SOS response.<P>
Here, we shall investigate 1) whether Stx2 can be expressed independently from the SOS response and/or phage 2) the central paradox that while Stx synthesis appears linked to phage-mediated lysis, both StxA and B genes encode signal sequences. Our reporter constructs, ability to monitor near real time expression at the single cell level and experience with prokaryotic secretion studies provide an excellent platform for these studies.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
University of Leicester
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