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FASEB SRC On Nutritional Immunology and The Microbiatia: Rules of Engagement in Health and Disease


<p>Contact PD/PI: Cantorna, Margherita T.SUMMARY?Nutritional Immunology and the Microbiota: Rules of Engagement in Health &amp; Disease? was selected byFASEB as a 2018 summer research conference to be held at the National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA,June 24 ? 29, 2018. A primary focus of this meeting has always been to understand the mechanisms by whichdiet affects the immune system to enhance health and decrease the risk of disease. This conference will havethe same mechanistic focus, but with the added goal of introducing nutritional immunologists to a ?new? causalpathway involving the intestinal microbiota: Diet affects the composition and metabolism of the intestinalmicrobiota and the microbiota and their metabolites affect the host immune system, thereby modulating healthand disease. Recent advances have shown that the host?s microbiome affects many diseases that are at leastpartially caused by the immune system, including obesity, asthma, diabetes, GI disorders, cardiovasculardisease and autoimmunity. In this meeting, we have invited experts in the expanding field on microbiomeresearch to help nutritional immunologists think about the ?rules of engagement? that may help describe howdiet modulates the microbiome and how the microbiome affects health and disease by modulating the immunesystem. In addition to this new twist, the conference will focus on cutting edge immunological techniques thatcan be brought to bear on understanding the role of nutrition on influencing the immune response. Of specialnote, the influence of nutrition on immunity during developmental periods as well as during aging is also of highimportance. Sessions examining these key issues are a part of our meeting. With the epidemic of obesity,diabetes and related metabolic disorders worldwide, in both children and adults, coupled with a growingunderstanding of the importance of the nutrient-microbe-immune axis, this area is of high importance and highinterest to the scientific community. We are bringing together a diverse group of nutritionists, microbiologists,immunologists, nutritional-immunologists, biochemists, and clinicians. In this relaxed and somewhat confinedsetting, there can be an excellent exchange of ideas and expertise that may lead to new paradigms, newtranslational studies, and new appreciations for the interaction between nutrition, the microbiota and immunefunction. Although the health related objectives of this meeting are of paramount importance, this meeting isalso vital to strengthening the base of this multi-disciplinary field as well as attracting new investigators. We arehoping for an attendance of 100-120 scientists, which is a realistic goal, as there has not been a major nationalmeeting in nutritional immunology since 2015.</p>

Cantorna, Margherita T
Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology
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