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Fate and Transport of E. Coli in Rural Texas Landscapes and Streams


Establish basic scientific understanding of factors that influence bacteria transport, growth, and die-off in Texas streams.

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APPROACH: Provde samples of runoff water and streambed sediments for determination of bacterial numbers and rowth and die-off mechanisms. The sample will be collected from a site that we currently operate with cooperation with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

As of 2006, 197 water bodies in Texas were impaired because they did not meet bacteria criteria established by the State to protect contact recreation use (freshwater and saltwater) and/or oyster water use. This project was designed to provide the scientific basis called for by the Texas Bacterial Taskforce. Specifically, this project is monitoring the survival, growth, re-growth, and die-off of E. coli under different environmental conditions and monitoring re-suspension of E. coli in streams. Baseflow water and streambed sediment samples were collected on March 17, April 20, and May 1, 2009.

Harmel, Daren
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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