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Fate of Animal Borne Pathogens during Land Application of Manure


Utilization of animal manure to supply crop nutrients and improve soil properties can impact human health, food safety, and the environment depending on how the manure is collected, stored, and applied to land.
This research assesses pathogen and antibiotic risks for various types of livestock manure and related handling systems involved in land application and management practices.

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<li>The existence of pathogens and antibiotics in runoff water, leachates, groundwater, and in the air associated with animal manure application practices will be evaluated. <li>Research will be coordinated with producer groups and environmental agencies to facilitate data collection and optimize the diverse expertise required to assess the risk of livestock borne pathogens and antibiotics entering the food chain.
<li>Research sites will be selected to include commercial livestock production systems, manure application practices, and cropping systems. Samples of liquid and solid manure materials from livestock facilities will be evaluated for pathogens and antibiotics.
<li>The environmental fate of these potential disease vectors and compounds will be assessed and the potential for contamination of grain, forage, surface water and ground water will be determined.
<li>Products will be improved managements practices to protect food supplies from contamination by manure. Previously was 5440-42000-001-00D (05/01). </ol></p>

Schepers, James
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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