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Field Approaches to Identifying Mycobacterium Bovis Infection in Badger Populations


This project will involve the investigation of sampling protocols that would be required for sett-based and trap-side identification of M. bovis infection in badger populations. Development of any effective protocol would have several characteristics. It would depend on confidence:
<ul><li>that it was possible to obtain suitable samples for testing,</li>
<li>that the samples were sufficiently consistent in the results they provided</li>
<li>that the test used was consistent under a range of field conditions</li>
<li>that levels of sensitivity and specificity at individual/group levels were appropriate to the management approach. </li></ul>

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<p>The selective removal of individual and/or groups of infected badgers is an attractive proposition as part of a policy to control TB in cattle. Each of these presents a major practical challenge, but we can make practical progress on some of these issues and gain important insights into others using data from the Woodchester Park study, because of the availability of detailed ecological and epidemiological information on the resident badger population. The proposed work will make best use of existing and contemporary data to explore sampling approaches related to selective control of M. bovis infection in badger populations.</p>

FERA - Food and Environment Research Agency
Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)
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