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Fighting counterfeiting in Olive Oil with blockchain - a working product has arrived


Legal, serious European producers of original olive oil are struggling against the fraud committed by European and non-European counterfeiters. Solutions are not working well enough: either they don’t work, either they require high investments for small companies, either they unsuccessfully try to oblige non-willing distributors (more on that later)… Fines and inspections don’t work. And Consumers keep on been unprotected, at a European and non-European level. It is time to do something different and radical. In the following pages you will see • A deep-tech, working blockchain-based product that acts as a (digital) Seal, blowing away the economics of the counterfeiters. Please, do have a look! • A product that puts in the hands of hands of the customers, through their smartphones, and without apps or cryptocurrencies, a definitive weapon to tell out the original oil from the fake one and even more, once one bottle is identified as fake, the whole batch of counterfeited bottles is marked as “fake”. It is a kind of “vaccination”. • A product which has already an early adopter, producer of olive oil from millenary trees from Catalunya, Spain ( • A company with ongoing talks with a larger group of producers of olive oil from Andalusia, interested in the product for their exports to Poland, UK and others. • A company that has contracts to issue more than 100.000 blockchain certificates in other fields (Education, Health and idCards), with a similar technology blockchain is not experimental for us! It is our business. And we want to make the Olive Oil Digital Seals a big business for Europe. Now we need to fine-tune the product and explore and expand the markets We plan to approach Olive Oil producers and associations in Europe to show our solutions, personalize it and make it it broadly accepted.

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