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Flies Impacting Livestock, Poultry and Food Safety


Characterize dispersal and population biology of sable flies and house flies and develop monitoring methods for use in indoor and outdoor environments.<P> In Indiana, a large dairy complex in Jasper County, Indiana will be monitored for stable fly and house fly activity on a weekly basis. Olson fly traps and onsite inspections of fly breeding activity will be made. <P>
Expected outputs will be to analyzing seasonal fly activity and consult with dairy producers as to extent of the problem and provide control recommendations.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: In large dairy production operations, stable flies and house flies can become a problem given the large amounts of wastes that can be present. In addition, if commodity sites are not properly managed this could result in potential fly breeding situations. Weekly monitoring and inspections will be made at a large 25,000 dairy complex in Jasper County, Indiana to provide assessment of fly activity and proper control guidance as needed.


APPROACH: Weekly inspections from April 15 through October 15 during each year of the project will be made at a 25,000 head dairy complex, education center, and cheese factory restaurant. Four Olson fly traps will be placed around the perimeter of an education center/cheese factory restaurant complex to assess weekly populations of stable flies and house flies. Weekly inspections will be made of 6 dairy production complexes to survey for fly breeding activity. Active fly breeding areas will be noted and control recommendations will provided dairy production on a weekly basis.

Williams, Ralph
Purdue University
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