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Food Animal Reside Avoidance Databank


To promote the production of safe foods of animal origin through the prevention and mitigation of violative chemical and drug residues in food animal products.

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Non-Technical Summary: The American public has come to expect to be able to eat food of animal origin that is safe. The FARAD project will provide advice that ensures that harmful residues do not occur. For the supply of safe food to continue, residue avoidance expertise is required and FARAD is the only readily available source of the expertise. <P> Approach: We will identify, extract, assemble, evaluate and distribute reviewed information about residue avoidance and mitigation to people involved in residue avoidance programs throughout the U.S. We will be the source to provide professional advice for determinining the withdrawal times necessary for food safety in the use of drugs in food animals.

Webb, Alistair
University of Florida
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