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Food Handler Education and Training for Hispanic Consumers and Youth


The Connecticut Family Nutrition Program for Infants, Toddlers, and Children (FNP-IT) provides nutrition education to thousands of Hispanic children and their caretakers in inner-city areas in Connecticut through the bilingual nutrition education PANA program and the SALUD! Mass media campaign. </p>
The objective of this project is to integrate the Fight BAC!tm Campaign into FNP-IT by: <ol>
<li> developing and delivering a bilingual food safety puppet show to at least 2,000 school children; and </li>
<li> reaching a minimum of 50,000 target individuals through a mass media campaign and health fairs. </li></ol></p>

More information

Process and outcome evaluations will be conducted to assess the cost-effectiveness of this initiative.</p>

Perez-Escamilla, Rafael
University of Connecticut
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