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FRISBEE - Food Refrigeration Innovations for Safety, Consumer Benefit, Environmental Impact and Energy Optimization Along Cold Chain in Europe


The objective of the FRISBEE (Food Refrigeration Innovations for Safety, consumers Benefit, Environmental impact and Energy optimization along the cold chain in Europe) project is to provide new tools, concepts and solutions for improving refrigeration technologies along the European food cold chain. At all stages the needs of consumer and European industry will be considered. The project will develop new innovative mathematical modelling tools that combine food quality and safety together with energy, environmental and economic aspects to predict and control food quality and safety in the cold chain.

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The FRISBEE partners will develop new and emerging refrigeration technologies providing energy efficient and sustainable alternatives to current technologies. The project is constructed around 8 work packages. Management is covered in work package 1. Work package 2 will develop innovative databases of current technologies to enable later comparison between new and current technologies. Work package 3 will develop Quality and Energy/Environment Assessment Tools (QEEAT). In work packages 4 and 5 the team will develop new and emerging refrigeration technologies for representative cold chains selected for applicability to the European food industry. Work from work packages 4 and 5 will be further developed and demonstrated in work packages 6 and 7. Work from the project will be disseminated widely in work package 8. The project involves 26 partners from 12 EU member, associated and candidate countries. Within the consortium, 13 of the partners are companies, 2 are NGOs or represent other companies (mainly SMEs) and the remainder are research based partners.

The consortium includes 6 SME partners. The international expertise and synergy of the 26 FRISBEE partners enables the work to be exploited on a European level. Therefore it is expected that the European food industry, related cold chain actors and consumers will all benefit from the FRISBEE project.

Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

Alvarez, Graciela
Centre National du Machinisme Agricole, du Génie Rural, des Eaux et Forêts (CEMAGREF)
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