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FUNENTECH - Study of Functionality, Nutritional and Safety Aspects of Liquid Foods, Liquid Food Preparations and Cosmetics Processed by Ultra-High Pressure Homogenisation


FUNENTECH intends to reinforce technology transfer of Ultra High Pressure Homogenising (UHPH) processing to SME of liquid-food and cosmetic sectors. The Consortium is constituted by five SME and four RTD partners: Stansted Fluid Power Ltd (UHPH equipment); Nectina S.A. (vegetable milks); NAHO Cosmetics (innovative cosmetics); ABbiotics (biotechnology); Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Université Montpellier II (UMII) and Federal Centre for Nutrition and Food (FRCNF), and commits to exploit and disseminate the knowledge generated taking into account intellectual property rights agreed. The RTD institutions gather proved experience in the application of non-thermal technologies, food safety, chemistry, technology, nutrition and toxicology. <P>

The main objectives are: to study the (techno-) and biological functionality of UHPH-processed foods and cosmetics to design functional foods of high safety and nutritional values, and to target specific industrial adaptation of the prototypes for food and cosmetic production in two years time. It is also aimed at providing valid information to policy regulatory bodies and consumers.
It is expected to obtain novel products with improved functional characteristics (better stability during storage; longer shelf-life; reduced immunoreactivity; containing nano and micro transport-delivery systems of bioactive-compounds; excellent organoleptic characteristics) that build up national and trans-regional new markets niches for the SMEs involved.

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Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

L&amp;oacute;pez-Pedemonte, Tom&amp;aacute;s
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
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