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Fusarium Head Blight Research in Winter Wheat


<p>Project 1 - Accelerating the Development of Scab resistant Soft Red Winter Wheat: Continue to discover novel sources of FHB resistance in genetic backgrounds adapted to the soft red winter wheat growing areas.</p><p>Project 2 - Male Sterile Facilitated Recurrent Selection for FHB Resistance (MPI-5): The objective of this project is to advance male-sterile facilitated recurrent selection populations that have been developed to combine genes for FHB resistance from multiple sources in soft winter wheat backgrounds adapted to the eastern U.S.</p><p>Project 3 - Coordinated Phenotyping of Uniform Nurseries and Official Variety Trials: Screen and Evaluate approx. 450 unique advanced breeding lines and released cultivars for FHB resistance.</p>

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<p>Project 1: (1) the continued design of crosses that combine FHB-resistant parents with native and/or exotic sources of resistance;</p><p> (2) systematic screening of advanced breeding lines for all 4 types of FHB resistance and verification of resistance levels in lines with putative resistance identified in previous years of screening;</p><p> (3) increasing a mapping population for MO 080104 which carries no known markers for FHB with the ultimate goal in FY15 of phenotyping this population in both the field and greenhouse environments;</p><p> (4) greenhouse and field screening of 300 F7 RILs of a mapping population developed from the cross Bess/MO 94-317 to validate Truman FHB markers as Bess is a full sib of Truman that has FHB resistance.</p><p> Project 2: Will use the seed produced and selected in the previous year, inoculate with FHB spores at flowering and begin to derive lines by selecting individual FHB resistant plants.</p><p> Project 3: 1) Phenotype advanced breeding lines that are candidates for release:</p><p> 2) place FHB and other agronomic, disease resistance, and quality data in database:</p><p> 3) report on purification and seed increase of the best lines.</p>

Costa, Jose
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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