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Genetic and Immune Strategies to Control Mucosal Pathogens of Swine


<OL> <LI> Identify genetic markers associated with disease susceptibility and resistance to mucosal pathogens of economic importance. <LI> Identify functional genetic variations that modulate the immune responses to swine mucosal pathogens. <LI> Determine the genetic profiles of 'good responders' to swine vaccines.

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Approach: Identify genetic variations associated with disease susceptibility to PPRS virus. Determine whether polymorphisms of genes associated with mucosal immunity increase protective thresholds of pigs exposed to PRRS virus. Develop immunologic tools to enhance our understanding of swine immune system development and host responses to mucosal diseases. Identify and characterize functional pathways resulting in altered mucosal immune responses to PCV2 associated disease. Discover biomarkers that are correlates of mucosal protective immunity or dysfunctional immune responses to PRRS vaccines or PRRS virus infections.

Urban, Joseph
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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