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Genetic and Structural Characterisation of Novel N-Linked General Glycosylation Systems in Eubacteria


We recently characterised a novel N-linked general glycosylation system (gss) from the epsilon-proteobacterium Campylobacter jejuni, that has several eukaryotic features (Wacker et al., Science, vol 298, p 1790). We have now identified a second such pathway, with five additional genes, in the related epsilon-proteobacterium Wolinella succinogenes (Wsggs). We cloned the entire pathway into E. coli to produce recombinant glycoprotein.<P>

In this research programme, we aim to characterise the complex Wsggs by mutagenesis and structural analysis, and to identify and characterise further ggs pathways in epsilon-proteobacteria. Characterising this new family of glycosylation systems will facilitate glycoengineering, with broad research and industrial applications.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
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