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GUTHEALTH SUPPORT - Networking in Candidate Countries Towards Food, GI-Tract Functionality and Human Health


This measure will provide a valuable accompaniment to European research area in the field of Food, Gel-tract functionality and human health by expanding challenging forums to Candidate countries for conveying the objectives and outcomes of EU research projects. The proposal action covers all areas of integrating and strengthening the European research area. It helps the Candidate countries researcher, new businesses and research organisations to have access to the knowledge and expertise existing elsewhere in the world. The action contributes to European research area Food Quality and Safety, Area 5.4.3 Impact of food on health. The action will invest in dissemination of the results of ongoing Food and Health ED research with special reference to EU cluster and piloting and expansion of future expanded networks.
The expected achievements of this GUTHEALTH support action are summarised as:
<UL> <LI> Six (6) road show workshops in Candidate countries with an innovative and challenging format to disseminate to targeted scientific and industrial audiences the objectives and outcomes of European research projects relating to food, intestinal micro biota and human health. Industry will be involved to show how these innovations can and have been translated into products accessible to consumers.
<LI> Courses providing education for young or senior scientists and technology transfer of innovations produced in the ongoing EU projects on gut health and knowledge sharing of new methods, tools and applications towards health benefit.
<LI> Invitations to coming conferences (2004, 2005, 2006) for Candidate countries scientists establishing networks and scientific co-operation and information flow between the Candidate countries and different research projects within the Food and Health area.

More information

<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a href="; target="_blank">GUTHEALTH SUPPORT</a> Web sites.

Mattila-Sandholm, Tiina
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
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