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GUTIMPACT - Innovations and Impact of Gut Health Foods: A Virtual Technology Platform


The SSA GutImpact will build on previous FP5&6 activities and identify and prioritize these knowledge gaps, provide avenues for bridging these, and prepare the technology roadmaps for future European public-private interactions aiemed at addressing the molecular mechanisms by which functional microbes and ingredients affect human gut health. This will allow for coordination of the rational development, targeted improvement, and safe production of these food in interest of the European consumer. All these activities contribute towards product innovation and cost-effectiveness of the European food and biotechnology industries, including SMEs. This ensures that the European consumer will ultimately benefit not only during the period of the SSA but also well beyond it.


This will be achieved by realising the following three main objectives: <OL> <LI> Create a dialogue on scientific needs and support of health claims between a wide audience of stakeholders and end-users, including academic and industrial scientists, competent authorities, and consumer organizations; <LI> Reach consensus on research priorities between academic and industrial scientists, consumer organizations; <LI> Establish a technology roadmap for public-private research and consumer interactions on health impact foods.

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The SSA GutImpact targets the following four different groups of stakeholders and end-users: <UL> <LI> Academic and industrial scientists who are the start of the science push of the food innovation cycle.<LI> National and EU funding agencies that are instrumental in at the one hand providing a knowledge base but at the other hand fostering public-private interactions.<LI> A variety of authorities dealing with regulatory and claims issues, including the European Food Safety Authority, World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization.<LI> The end-users include consumers who are united in consumer organizations that are interested in GutImpact foods.

</ul>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> Web site.

Mattila-Sandholm, Tiina
Valio Ltd
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