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HACCP Training and Research to Assist Meat Processors with Process Deviations for Lethality and Stabilization


Develop and validate predictive models during cooking and cooling of cooked products, and incorporate these models into HACCP for extension meat specialists and for class-room settings HACCP courses offered by land grant universities.

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Predictive models will be developed to quantitatively describe the growth of common foodborne pathogens. These models will be validated under a variety of temperature profiles simulating process deviations during cooking and cooling of meat products in meat processing environments. Finally, tables and fact sheets explaining the use of the models to small and very small meat processors will be developed and incorporated into the HACCP workshops. Additionaly, two video "modules" will be developed for addressing heating and cooling deviations for objective safety evaluations of food safety risks of these devations.

Gehring, Andrew
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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