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Harnessing Iron Metabolism to Limit Salmonella in Pre- and Post-harvest Poultry


The goal of this proposal is to test a new method for controlling food-born bacterial infections: encapsulate iron. Specifically, we will determine how encapsulated iron affects S. enterica growth, virulence, and competitive interactions with beneficial gut microbes using established in vitro cecal and intestinal models and next-generation sequencing methods. We will also evaluate the anti-Salmonella therapeutic efficacy of SQM on infected broiler chickens by tracking the growth and gene expression of S. enterica during key pre- and post-harvest stages.These studies will provide critical information for how functional feed supplements might be used as a weapon against S. enterica. More broadly, given the conserved nature of iron metabolism across bacteria, we expect these data and methods will carry applications for other pathogens beyond S. enterica and carry much-needed non-pharmacological solutions to combating antimicrobial resistance.

Lin, Mengshi
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