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Hawaii Roots Food Safety Outreach Project


Project Goals - Kokua Kalihi Valley (KKV) Hawaii Roots Food Safety Outrach Project will work towards the goal of enabling Hawaii's small and beginning producers, processors, and wholesalers to enhance the safety of their food products (including complying with FSMA regulations), while maintaining profitabiity, sustainability, and equity. Additionally, project activities will help to build the long-term capacity of our local food system to disseminate best practices through robust knowledge sharing networks and culturally-tailored outreach strategies.ObjectivesAssess the specific food safety education/training needs, learning preferences, and knowledge sharing networks of Hawaii`s ethnically diverse, small and beginning farmers, processors, and wholesalers.Develop a community-based, FSMA-consistent food safety curriculum and pilot its delivery to 80 individuals through on-farm training sessions facilitating peer networking and knowledge sharing.Disseminate 5 new food safety
education/training materials and delivery methodology to 10 local stakeholder organizations and 300 individuals for broader implementation throughout Hawaii.

Odom, S. K.
Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services
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