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High Pressure Processing of Foods to Improve Quality and Safety


This project aims to:
<OL> <LI> To investigate optimum processing conditions for a variety of food products, including novel applications of the technology. e.g. use of high pressure to treat raw milk which is subsequently made into cheese and assess the potential for HPP to improve the quality and shelf-life of raw and cooked shellfish such as crab meat and lobsters.
<LI> To ensure effective technology transfer of these results to relevant sectors of the local and national food industry. </ol>
It should be noted that there is relatively little detailed, scientific information published on the effects of HPP on the microbiologial and sensory quality of food as much of the data is not in the public domain. <P>

This project takes an integrated approach to the evaluation of the quality of HPP foods and will include microbiological, chemical and sensory assessments.
Outputs from the project will therefore add to our knowledge and understanding of the process and will increase the quality of expert advice we can provide to customers from the food industry.
<UL> <LI> To assess the microbiological, chemical and sensory quality of raw milk cheese made from unpasteurised, pressure treated milk
<LI> To investigate high-pressure inactivation of viruses in shellfish.
<LI> To improve our knowledge of the effects of high pressure on the microbiological quality of fruit products during storage.
<LI>To investigate the microbiological and, where appropriate, sensory quality of pressure-treated cooked meats during extended refrigerated storage under ideal and abuse conditions.
<LI> To investigate the potential for HPP to improve the microbiological quality and shelf-life of raw and cooked shellfish and crustaceans, including crab and lobster.

Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI)
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Project number
DARD 0604