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High Value Specialty Crop Pest Management


To provide field materials for pesticide residue testing for approved projects in the IR-4 program.

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Non-Technical Summary: Pesticide registration in minor crops often is not done by chemical companies due to time, effort, and massive amounts of data needed to complete the registration process. Some pesticides, however, have great potential to be useful pest management tools in these crops. The IR-4 effort explores the use of pesticides in the minor crops to obtain supplemental information on crop residue. This information is submitted to EPA to support registration. <P> Approach: This South Dakota project will coooperate with the IR-4 program and conduct field experiments that have been designed to provide supplemental registration information to EPA for pesticide use in minor crops. The South Dakota components are to: 1) set up field plots, 2) apply appropriate pesticides at appropriate timings, 3) harvest crop samples for residue analysis, and 4) send samples to designated laboratories for analysis according to IR-4 approved protocols, good laboratory practices (GLP) and standard operating procedures (SOP).

Clay, Sharon
South Dakota State University
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