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I-Corps: Biosensors for Accurate and Rapid Detection of Pathogens


The broader impact of this I-Corps project involves the rapid, simultaneous detection of multiple foodborne pathogens. This team's technology may have use in a broad range of applications in areas such as: food processing and distribution facilities, primary care clinics, clinical labs, contract labs, veterinary labs, pharmaceutical development markets, crop protection systems, and possible prevention of bioterrorism threats through contamination of water and food supplies. If successful, this technology will benefit USA market competitiveness in biosensor technology and will impact the economy though the protection of human health, food and water supplies, and prevention of product recalls. <br/><br/>The information gathered through the I-Corps experience will enable refinement of the biosensing technology to address customers' needs. In addition, the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge gained through I-Corps will assist the project team to explore the commercial potential of this technology: an accurate, low cost, portable, user-friendly biosensor for onsite detection of multiple common Salmonella enterica serogroups that also captures samples for additional lab testing. The same device can be used for testing other pathogens such as Escherichia coli, Listeria, Campylobacter, and Vibrio. A noteworthy innovation of this team's prototype biosensor includes its ability to concentrate samples by removing over 70% of the volume of the testing media, and trapping and simultaneously detecting three to five pathogens within an hour. The biosensor has high selectivity and sensitivity of 10 CFU/ml.

Almasri, Mahmoud
University of Missouri - Columbia
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