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Overarching GoalsICPPB & Biocontrol 2024 will bring both conferences into one space with the overarching goal of communicating and sharing new insights into the biology, evolution, ecology, and biosecurity of plant associated bacteria. This includes the technological advancements that enable basic knowledge discovery and their translation into tools that prevent and control bacterial plant diseases to feed a growing world population in the face of climate change. The technologies range from bioinformatics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, remote sensing, to machine learning. We expect 200 to 300 attendees from diverse national and international geographic locations; academic, industry, and government affiliations; and career stages, from undergraduate and graduate students, to full and emeritus professors. It is important to the organizational team and to the benefit of science to have a diverse group of presenters and participants in one space sharing their knowledge, new scientific discoveries, and developing ideas to translate basic and applied science into real world solutions. This meeting will also serve as a great networking venue for all participants where conversation and advice on professional development can be shared by all.Specific aimsAim I. Offer an interdisciplinary scientific program that highlights new finding on bacteria-bacteria, bacteria-plant, and bacteria-phytobiomes interactions and how to translate basic science into solutions that support plant health and biosecurity as part of the bioeconomyAim II. Support career development of early career scientists from diverse backgroundsAim III. Facilitate networking among attendees to stimulate new ways of thinking and build strong research and mentoring collaborations that amplify the need for basic science to find pathogen management solutions that improve plant health and biosecurity.

Vinatzer, B. A.
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VA-Vinatzer PC5DP32U
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