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Identification of the Fungal Inhibitor and Surrogate Transformation of Bacillus Subtilis


Develop and evaluate certain technologies related to the use of an endophytic strain of the bacterium Bacillus subtilis for contrl of fungi on plants with a focus on the purification of the antifungal inhibitor useful for the biocontrol of the endophytic colonization of corn by Fusarium moniliforme and other fungal pathogens.

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Overall the work in the agreement is intended to define the chemical nature of the fungal inhibitory substance(s) and to explore the feasibility of the surogate transformation using the B. subtilis (=B.mojavensis) strains. The approach is for each party to conduct those studies at its facilities that it is best equipped and qualified to carry out. The planning and focus of the studies will be done and determined cooperatively with review and suggestions during the course of the studies.Methodology to be employed generally is readily available and commonly used for studies. However, because of the interest in patenting any new findings, consideration of such will be made in the collection of data to best support the intervention potential.

Bacon, Charles
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
Texas Women's University
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