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Identification of Fusarium Mycotoxin Responsible for DNA Adducts in Human Esophageal Tissue


The goals of this project are
<OL><LI> To isolate and identify the DNA adduct.<LI> To identify the mycotoxin responsible for adduct formation.<LI>To determine the extent of the presence of this mycotoxin in foods and the DNA adduct in esophageal tissue samples.<?OL

More information

A unique DNA adduct has been detected in esophageal tumor tissue taken from SouthAfrican patients suffering from terminal esophageal cancer. This same adduct can beformed in vitro by incubating methanolic extracts of Fusarium fungi with DNA.
<P>The fact that the presence of the fungi in food is epidemiologically associated with esophageal cancer suggests the adduct may be involved in cancer formation, or at the least, as a biomarker of exposure.
FY 2001 Plans:<ol><LI> Prepare protocol.<li>Initiate the studies on DNA adduct identification.</ol>

Howard, Paul
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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