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Identification of Phenotypic Characteristics Affecting Enhanced Survivability Associated with Ground Turkey - Salmonella Outbreak Strains


The objective of this study is to determine if there are phenotypic characteristics associated with Salmonella Hadar and/or Heidelberg-ground turkey turkey outbreak strains that enhance the ability of these strains to survive in/on poultry. Such characteristics may allow these strains to subsequently induce food-borne illnesses in consumers. The characteristics being studied include increased tolerance to heat, acid, and/or high pressure pasteurization.

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FSIS will coordinate the identification of approximately 24 Salmonella Hadar and Heidelberg isolates which are appropriate for this study. Ideally these isolates will include related clinical, product and establishment isolates as well as controls. Commercially obtained ground turkey, culture media will be inoculated with the isolates. Separate experiments will be conducted by ARS Scientists and Drexel students to screen the isolates for susceptibility to heat, high pressure and acid.

Luchansky, John
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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