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Implement Digital Retail Food Program Inspection Format; Macon and Shelby Counties; Missouri; Expanding Capabilities Regarding Regulatory Activity Planning; Inspection and Assessment


Introduction-Retail food establishment inspections in Macon and Shelby County are completed usingpaper forms. Data both administrative and observations are recorded on the document. This singlepoint of enter inhibits proficient collective food-borne illness risk analysis from information related tocollective trends through management and or employment of food safety procedures. This includesemployee health, food handling, equipment function and facility mechanical component serviceability.While the document is provided to the Person in Charge after the exit interview, the long-term desiredeffect is to inform and educate. Thus, enable long term change or encourage sustainment of certainfacets in the operation to reduce future risk of food-borne illness. Electronic records will enable bettercommunication to proprietor and public health data query. Methodology-Automating the retail foodinspection form in Macon and Shelby County combined endeavor will be achieved thought acquisition ofsoftware license and field use computer and testing equipment. Retail food establishmentadministrative information will be amended to be current and assembled for raw software database fillin excel table style format. Post administrative data entry, inspections will be provided via email or printto the proprietor. Results-The implementation of this projection will sustain or improve the Retail FoodPrograms related to Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards criteria. The digitalinspections will be compliant with category 3 inspection program by HACCP principles format.Establishments categorized by risk assessment with automated frequency scheduling. Additionally,inspections will be provided to the public via posting online through a link from the Health Departmentweb pages. The project will improve proficiency through consistent deficiency and corrective actioncommentary on food-borne illness risk factor based electronic inspection forms. Provides consistentlegible observations and discussions. In support of Memorandums of Understanding and Mutual Aid inthe event of a local disaster, facility records remain accessible on the web-based platform. AdjacentFood Safety Officers or Environmental Public Health Specialist staff are able (with approval) to accessestablishment data to conduct rapid contact with proprietors and initiate inspection program withoutaccess to the Health Department facility. Additionally, the automated inspection forms create adatabase that supports in-depth analysis of the counties. This also allows statistical data developmentthrough query of digitally managed information. Acquisition of field equipment would provideproficient timely and accurate inspection data.

Snyder, Mark
Calhoun County Health Department
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