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Implementation Strategy for Continued Development of the FAMU Science Center


To facilitate the continued development of a science center at Florida A&M University. The Science Center will fund projects with major emphasis on research and graduate education in biology and chemistry focused on problems facing U.S. Agriculture.

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Approach: The implementation strategy for continued development of the Science Center will include capacity building (laboratories, equipment, library resources and personnel) and development of degree granting programs. Faculty and graduate student funded by this agreement will conduct collaborative research with ARS Scientists. Research projects will be jointly planned and will address specific problems indentified in the ARS National Programs and will be implemented in concert with the ARS National Program Action Plans. Where possible, particular emphasis will be placed on research that addresses problems faced by under-served and small farmers. In addtion to biology and chemistry, other appropriate disciplines may be supported by the Science Center including but not limited to animal science, plant science, food science, nutrition, and natural resources.

Arnold, Calvin; Donald, Samuel
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
Florida A&M University
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