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Improved Methods for Control of Listeria Monocytogenes within Biofilms in Meat and Poultry Processing Environments


The objective of this cooperative research project is to develop and optimize a product for use against Listeria monocytogenes biofilm in meat and poultry processing equipment and to develop standard methodologies for biofilm removal for registration of EPA biofilm claims for products used in food processing. <P>
The additional time is required to assure completion of the original approved project scope and objectives. The initial two years of the project focused upon methods development and mechanistic studies. In the extended time, we will grow Listeria monocytogenes biofilms to test the effect of Sterilex experimental samples on biofilm, and perform additional antimicrobial efficacy studies.

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APPROACH: Develop methods to produce biofilms for further study and for quantification of biofilms on surfaces including batch culture within a reactor. Establish baseline data of Sterilex technology against L. monocytogenes biofilms and mixed species biofilms containing L. monocytogenes under food processing plant conditions with AOAC use-dilution testing. Determine mechanism of action of current Sterilex technology in conjunction with chemical screening by total organic carbon analysis. Optimize product against multi-species biofilms in meat and poultry processing equipment and test final product with use-dilution test.

Arnold, Judy
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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