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Improvement of Analytical Methods in Post-Market Monitoring of Food Additives and Testing of the Improved Methods


<p>The tenderer should submit an offer proposing improvement of 1 or more analytical methods for specific additive(s) in the relevant matrices, under the condition that they are considered a risk-based priority and where the currently available method(s) is considered inadequate to assess real levels of use in processed food products. In the offer, the tenderer shall review currently available analytical method(s) for the chosen combinations of food additive(s)/matrices, and shall specify the targeted method performance characteristics of the improved method. The successful tenderer shall then develop and validate the proposed method(s), and perform a test on a pilot scale. The tests shall be performed under a quality control regime that is suitable to support the reliability of the analysis results gained.</p>

Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Agroalimentaria
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