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Improving Food Safety Education Through Use of Music-Based Curricula


<ol> <li>Improve the effectiveness of existing food safety educational curricula by incorporating music into the curricula. (Target audiences include youth, high school teachers, foodservice workers, and childcare providers.)(Teaching).
<li>Evaluate the effectiveness of music incorporated into food safety educational curricula upon audience comprehension and retention of food safety messages.(Research).
<li>Disseminate results of research findings through publication, presentations, news releases, and website development.(Outreach).
<li>Develop music and music-related media and make it available to CSREES state and territorial food safety contracts.(Outreach).</ol>

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Six land grant universities will assess the effectiveness of music-based curricula in improving food safety eduation. Established curricula will be modified to incorporate food safety music already developed. Comparisons of the effectiveness of modified curricula will be made. Target audiences include foodservice employees, childcare providers, students and teachers.
Modify existing food safety educational curricula by incorporating food safety-themed music. Compare effectiveness of information by audiences with follow-up evaluation. Develop appropriate media to enhance food safety education efforts. Disseminate project findings through advertisement and Internet site. Distribute new media to educators and extension agents.

Winter, Carl
University of California - Davis
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