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Increasing Student Participation At Aimbe''S 19Th Annual Event, Held In Washington, Dc


<p>1007526 Ayers The 2010 AIMBE Annual Event is the only meeting in the medical and biological engineering community with the specific goal to unite promising trends in science and engineering with public policy. Because AIMBE is comprised of the highest level of engineers and organizations, the membership has an enormous potential to improve society through engineering and science by influencing the direction of medical and biological engineering innovation. While the Annual Event attracts high-level professionals and engineers, attendance by students is often minimal. AIMBE's leadership would like to see a reversal of this trend.
<br>INTELLECTUAL MERIT: In accordance with the National Science Foundation's goals to improve science and education initiatives, AIMBE's Annual Event holds a great amount of intellectual merit, as the speakers and programming are at the cutting edge of research and feature high-level discussions on the innovation and engineering concepts that are driving education and future research initiatives. With sufficient funding, students will be able to interact with and learn from engineering leaders about the future of innovation and how to manage the ethical considerations they need to take into account as they progress from students to researchers and innovators. Further, they will be exposed to leading organizations and some of the most dynamic individuals influencing medical and biological engineering research today.
<br>BROADER IMPACTThe broader impact of attending this event is that students will gain a greater view of the possibilities that come with a career in engineering and science, and hopefully be inspired to become future leaders in the field. They will gain an understanding of how policy impacts research and the ethical questions that all engineers should address. Students will have an intensive look at the direction of modern research and the many ways medical and biological engineering impacts society, through healthcare, food and water safety, technology, and a myriad of other areas.</p>

Ayers, Jennifer L
American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)
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