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INJOY&TRAIN - East European Cooperation Network for International Joint Training in FP6/FP7 Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology for EU Kazakhstan- Russia-Ukraine-Armenia-Belarus Countries


InJoy and Train is a 24 months Specific Support Action which aims at improving the quality and quantity the participation of researchers, multipliers and NCPs in the Food sector from R-U-A-B countries in European research.

This objective is relevant and responds to the following major needs of policy coordination in the Food sector:
<OL> <LI> Despite the existence of highly skilled individuals and institutions in R-U-A-B countries, participation in EU FPs is low. It is in the interests of the construction of the ERA that this participation be increased;
<LI>There is a lack of knowledge among Researchers, multilpiers and FP6 NCPs from R-U-A-B countries on the Food Quality and Safety sector in FP6; no NCP for the Food priority exists in either Ukraine, Belaruss or Armenia.
<LI> There is a need for capacity building in project proposal and submission procedures under EU FPs in R-U-A-B countries;
<LI> There is a need to raise awareness in Europe of skilled potential partners from R-U-A-B countries to be involved in EU FPs in the Food Quality and Safety sector.
To achieve the overall objective, a multi-skilled consortium, led by an expert institution in EU research policy, has been established in order to pursue 3 main workpackages covering the:
<OL> <LI> Creation of a pro-active network of Researchers and multipliers in R-U-A-B countries,
<LI> Training of Researchers, multilpiers and FP6 NCPs from -U-A-B Countries in the legislative and institutional environment of the Food sector in Framework Programmes. Member state consortium partners will train R-U-A-B project partners who will then train the R-U-A-B researchers and multipliers;
<LI> Awareness raising in Europe of skilled and potential partners from R-U-A-B countries available to take part in the Food Priority of FPs.
The strengthening of the ERA, stimulation of international cooperation and policy support represent three interdependent pillars of InJoy and Train.

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For more information about this project, please visit the <a


target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> Web site.

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