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Institute for Biobased Products and Food Science


The objective of the Institute will be to develop a sustainable Institute for Biobased Products and Food Safety, which will be innovative and responsive to the developing needs of the State of Montana and the Pacific Northwest/ Northern High Plains regions. The goal of the new Institute is to provide an infrastructure that encourages collaborative programs addressing issues such as biobased product/value added alternative crops, value-added meats, food risk assessment and product development.

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Procedure To achieve this objective, the Institute will develop and implement the following:<p> 1. Use technology and biotechnology to improve plant and animal production systems to include: A. Economic benefits by improving the quality of ag commodities and diversification B. Improve per acre profit potential; C. Improve production and pest management strategies with reduced inputs; and D. Improve animal protein and value-added ag commodities <p>2. Determine market strategies; A. Evaluate economic impact of marketing higher-value added ag commodities, consumer products and alternative crops <p>3. Use food science to improve nutrition, add value and improve food security and sustainability; A. Evaluate economic benefits to improving animal and human nutrition, adding value to raw products, improving safety of products and increasing product development (biobased chemicals, fuels, lubricants, pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals), <p>4. Determine impacts and risks associated with changing technologies A. Assess potential for societal impact B. Promote decision making to reduce risk and negative impact.
Experiments with 9 species of oilseeds at 6 locations in Montana provided evidence of one which appears to be universal in production potential and has very low input costs. This could significantly reduce the cost of biodiesel from typical $2.45/gallon to expected $1.05/ gallon. The same crop is producing omega-3 oil. Gluten-free cereals have been identified and developed as bread mixes, cereals and pastas. Horse nutrition research indicates no significant preference for legume/grass mix. Preference was made for feeds with fenugreek. Research into bacterial-free marinades for meat have had marginal success. Research into natural plant pathogens has been successful. Quantification of biotechnology impacts are ongoing.
Impacts include: diversification of a gluten-free cereal industry through two cooperatives: one gluten-free and another wheat-free; Development of an oilseed cooperative to produce biolubricants and one for biodiesel production; Development of three new products in processed meats. New products include a new cuticle cream and hand lotion.
The Institute for Biobased Products developed programs in biobased fuels and lubricants, gluten-free cereals, antibiotic treatment of meats, bio-information (risk assessment) systems and biotic anti-microbial systems for control of plant diseases. Currently, several products have been developed: timothy has been patented as a new use grain for gluten-free cereal applications; a new high oleic hydraulic oil is under test; new markets for essential oils grown in Montana are being evaluated (antiseptic and fragrance industries); equine care products from high nutrition hays and supplements to hoofcare and dust control products are under evaluation.
Impacts currently include establishment of a farmer-owned cooperatives in gluten-free cereals, in bio-based lubricants, and in high value cereals. The use of Montana-grown essential oils for antiseptic applications in meat processing appears promising and marketable

Johnson, Duane
Montana State University
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