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Integrated Management of Fusarium Head Blight in Small Grains for South Dakota


Project 1 - Integrated Management of FHB and DON in Wheat for South Dakota: 1) evaluate the integrated effects of fungicide and genetic resistance on FHB and DON in winter and spring wheat, with emphasis on different application timings and new genotypes; 2) conduct an economic analysis of the integrated effects of fungicide and resistance on FHB/DON; 3) generate data to advance the FHB and DON risk prediction effort. Project 2 - Uniform Fungicide and Biological Control Trials for Management of FHB in South Dakota: i) evaluate the effects of generic fungicides on FHB and DON in hard red winter and spring wheat in South Dakota, ii) evaluate biological control products on FHB and DON suppression, and iii) conduct an economic analysis of the integrated effects of fungicides and resistance on FHB and DON.

Costa, J.
South Dakota State University
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