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An Integrated Systems Approach to Reduce Salmonella in Organic and All Natural Poultry


<OL> <LI> Preharvest surveillance and epidemiology: Collect on-farm samples for baseline Salmonella serovars present on organic and all-natural poultry farm production facilities that represent current practices to determine where Salmonella is introduced and the effect that certain production and environmental factors may have. <LI> Develop preharvest intervention strategies: Proven, conventional interventions applied to natural and organic poultry production will target reduction of Salmonella outgrowth during preharvest. Evaluation of these interventions on bird performance and Salmonella serovars before and after intervention will be conducted. <LI> Postharvest intervention strategies: To maximize Salmonella reduction at processing plants, both approved and novel antimicrobials in pre and post chiller applications for water and air chilling interventions and on finished raw poultry will be compared. Laboratory findings will be confirmed in BS level II poultry pilot plant. <LI> Outreach to natural and organic poultry producers and processors: Outreach materials, workshops and HACCP programs will be developed in a stepwise fashion with risk assessment to determine key Salmonella control points. These will leverage our established information delivery systems using Good Agriculture Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP roundtable discussions and poultry workshops. These programs will focus on organic and natural production and Most common sources of Salmonella contamination These programs will focus on organic and natural production and processing systems. Systematic sampling protocols will fill in knowledge gaps, so growers and processors can focus their limited resources on techniques on key control points shown to reduce human pathogenic Salmonella serovars.

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APPROACH: We will conduct broiler grow-out studies to determine the impact of probiotics and other compounds on bird performance and salmonella incidence, both with and without a salmonella challenge. We will also conduct trials with water treatments designed to improve gut health via acidification and other methods. We will also assist with outreach, including development of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) for natural and organic poultry farmers, roundtable and workshop focused on natural and organic poultry production and develop of educational material.

Donoghue, Ann
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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